Columbus Day Kids Cards, Crafts, Coloring Pages

I got so far watching my kids pictures of events in South Dakota, where Native Americans Day that is celebrated instead of Columbus Day.

If you have never considered this topic, the web image The Oatmeal has a different, simple and safe to understand the behaviour of anything wrong with Columbus Day. The meal always suggests honoring and respect the best image for consideration, a Spanish traveller who has ended up fighting for equality and dignity for the respected people of the Americas, and after all to work against all ideas of slavery that are including the African slave trade.

Columbus Day Cards

Columbus Day Cards Free

Columbus Day Cards

So how do you explain this to our children? How do I explain that our nation has a federal and good holiday honoring and respecting someone who never discovered America as a regular thought, but never commit ill behaviour against both the indigenous people of the Caribbean islands and the Spanish who followed Columbus? How do I tell that our nation has designed such a person to the best level as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln?

Columbus Day Coloring Pages

Columbus Day Coloring Pages Free

So far, here is what I have got: On a personal level and on an best level, humans develop mistakes. Our job is to learn and respect from them. American history is like the history of pretty much and handsome everything everywhere, is organized with grievous errors of humanity: slavery, inequality, and prejudice.

Columbus Day Crafts

Columbus Day Crafts

Columbus Day Crafts

That cultures which are different from our own are not things to be catch out of fear and afraid activities. That the wish to develop is an essential human slavery, but that there are method to learn and develop without decimating everything at your path. That those who never remember the past are used to repeat it.

Here are the best that I can evolve in terms of explaining Columbus Day to my kids. While I never feel comfortable of honoring and respecting a man who is essentially and thoroughly explain the purpose of the trade and I never feel comfortable of forgetting about him.

Columbus Day Greetings

Columbus Day Greetings Free

Columbus Day Coloring Pages

Instead of developing the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria out of craft items, why not build them out of something very tasty? Turn your cup upside down and can decorate it with a toothpick and flag. If you and your kids are feeling risky, your kidscan make a boat and a ship and fill it with nuts or cereal.

Thanks to Columbus, maps of the world were again prepared and designed well. Your kids can get like inventors themselves  that they will prepare a map their historic journeys  and you can check out the maps eventually.

Columbus Day Wishes

Columbus Day Wishes Free

You can begin with blue poster boards and cards for the map, plus green construction evaluation paper and glue for the continents. After that, you can record Columbus’s surveys with the way you like. Your kids can trace the journey he went to the Americas, or point out all the places he will visit in his lifetime. You could even come up with an easy way to the East Indies, where Columbus thought he was travelling, and guess where he might have traveled if he had made it.

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